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We're on a mission to make healthy snacking affordable & accessible

When we started Nada Más, we were driven to create a brand with a mission worth fighting for. Our mission is to make healthy snacking affordable and accessible, and we're working towards this goal in two primary ways:


1. We partner with non-profits and food banks to donate one jar of peanut butter, the most requested food pantry item, for every jar sold. Our ultimate measure of success as a company is how many families we are able to help feed through this essential food item.

2. Our products are exclusively single-ingredient. That means we don't add sugar (or sweeteners of any kind), salt, oil, preservatives, or anything, for that matter. All of our single-ingredient healthy snacks are made from organic and/or non-GMO nuts, tree nuts, legumes, or fruits. 


our purpose is a social purpose

A growing number of chronic conditions (obesity, diabetes, heart disease) show a clear link to diets high in added sugar. But snacking isn’t going anywhere, so we're here to help you snack better. Nutrition is the single most important investment we can make in our health, but access to healthy foods is not created equally.


We are based in Austin, TX, where one in five residents are without consistent, stable access to healthy food. Food insecurity is significantly more prevalent among certain minority groups.


Food insecurity is a growing problem with complex causes. Unemployment, low income, chronic health conditions, lack of affordable housing, systemic racism, and racial discrimination are just a few of its root causes. We aim to not only raise awareness and advocate for stronger food policies but also to join the organizations fighting food insecurity on the frontlines. 

None of the impact we seek to make is possible without irresistibly good products. Give Nada Más a try – you won't regret it. 

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